Karilatsi Open Air Museum, Estonia

Karilatsi Open Air Museum

Karilatsi Open Air Museum (Karilatsi Vabaõhumuuseum) is a must-see attraction when visiting the Tartu area, Southern Estonia.

Wooden Tipi at Mõniste Rural Life Museum

Hidden Gems in Southern Estonia

Southern Estonia is the perfect destination for travelers looking to explore places off the beaten path. Full of hidden gems, not over-crowded but with plenty of things to see and do!

Small Countryside Bridge Over River

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Estonia

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe, mostly known for Tallinn. This well-preserved capital is a popular day stop with tourists visiting on a cruise ship, city break, or organized Scandinavia tours.

Tartu Town Hall Square and Tartu Town Hall

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tartu

Today, I am going to introduce you to Tartu – the second largest city in Estonia so I can show you that Tallinn is not the only place worth visiting.

Wooden Windmill at Estonian Open Air Museum

Best Day Trips from Tallinn

Tallinn is without a doubt the prettiest capital in the Baltic states and the main point of interest for most tourists. But why not plan a few day trips from Tallinn to see what the rest of the country looks like?

Well Preserved Tallinn Town Hall

What to See in Tallinn

So you bought tickets to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and looking for places to visit? This list of things to see in Tallinn will help you plan your trip smoothly.

Must-Visit Museum in Tallinn - Kiek in de Kök

5 Must-Visit Museums in Tallinn

Whether you are visiting the capital of Estonia for a day or perhaps a long weekend, know that there is a lot to see. That is why we created this list of the 5 best museums in Tallinn.

Four Blade Windmill in Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum (Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum) is located on the outskirts of Tallinn. It houses a large collection of traditional houses and barn dwellings from all parts of Estonia.

Camping Fire Pit with Seating Area in Estonia

10 Reasons to Visit Estonia

Estonia – a small Baltic country with thousands of islands, endless forests and the most advanced digital society in the world. But is it worth a visit? The answer is yes!

Tallinn seen from viewpoint

How to Get Around Tallinn

Getting around Tallinn is easy and your options will depend on the length of your trip. This post contains all the information you need to know, including useful tips and suggestions.