Beautiful Matarrana area with historical building located in Teruel province.

Matarraña – The Spanish Tuscany

If you are traveling to Spain to avoid the hustle and bustle of large cities and recharge your batteries, then there is no better place than the Matarraña region.

Long sandy beach in Benidorm with high buildings.

Best Day Trips from Benidorm

If you are wondering what the best day trips from Benidorm are, we have got you covered. Rent a car and explore the area at your own pace or book a bus trip with a tourist office!

Red car in petrol station.

Essential Guide to Motorways in Europe

Planning a road trip in Europe? Here are all the things you need to know about using European motorways including tolls, speed limits, petrol types, rest stops, and more!

Red Ford Puma and wooden windmill in Europe.

Essential Documents for Driving in Europe

Planning a European road trip but not sure what documents you need to have with you when driving in Europe? This post contains all the information to help you organize your trip!

Amazing view to Calpe from Morro de Toix viewpoint.

Things to see in Calpe, Spain

Calpe is a small Spanish town on the Mediterranean coast. Once a fishing village, it is now a popular seaside destination with stunning scenery, sandy beaches, and the El Peñón de Ifach rock.

Stara Bystrica astronomical clock in Stará Bystrica, Slovakia.

Slovakia’s Astronomical Clock

Spend a pleasant day in the Kysuce region and check out the world’s youngest astronomical clock in the village of Stará Bystrica, Slovakia!

Beckov Castle in Slovakia

Beckov Castle

Visit Beckov Castle, a medieval fortress built on a steep rock overlooking the village of Beckov. A popular place to visit in Slovakia, this ruin is only an hour drive from Bratislava.

Best things to see in Trencin - Trencin Castle

10 Best Things to See in Trenčín

Discover the 10 best things to see in Trenčín, Slovakia. Whether you are planning a day trip from Bratislava or passing by on your European adventure, make sure to include it on your travel list!