10 Best Things to See in Trenčín

Discover the 10 best things to see in Trenčín, Slovakia. Whether you are planning a day trip from Bratislava or passing by on your European adventure, make sure to include it on your travel list!

Best things to see in Trencin - Trencin Castle

This post includes useful tips and up-to-date information (2023).

Why visit Trenčín?

  • The city is compact, and all the main sights can be easily accessed on foot. 
  • It has excellent access from the main motorway/highway.
  • It has one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia.

Here are the best places to visit in Trenčín:

Trenčín Castle (Trenčiansky Hrad) – is one of the main reasons why tourists visit this town. The castle is overlooking the city and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. In summer, Trenčín Castle hosts various events, performers, and activities for kids as well as adults. It is easily accessible from the city center and can be reached on foot in about 10 minutes.

Trencin Castle clock tower

Parish stairs (Farské schody) – This 16th-century stairway built in the Renaissance style is one of the access points to get up to the Parish church, the Ossuary, and the castle. Originally it served as a defense passageway and later as an access road to the town armory.

Parish stairs (Farské schody)

Roman inscription (Rímsky nápis) – In AD 179, the Romans won a battle against German tribes near Trenčín (known in Roman times as Laugaricio). Their victory was recorded on the castle rock where it remained up to this date. This almost 2000-year-old inscription is visible from Hotel Elizabeth’s terrace or restaurant and can be observed by tourists free of charge.

Roman inscription (Rímsky nápis)

St. Michael’s Ossuary (Kostnica) – The underground area was built to store human remains from a nearby cemetery, later the above-ground part was added and used as a chapel and in 1560 as the town’s armory. It now houses a small sacral art collection. You can visit it for a small fee (in 2023 it is free to visit when you show tickets to Trenčín Castle).

St. Michael’s Ossuary (Kostnica)

City Tower (Mestská veža) – The tower is also known as Lower Gate. In medieval times, it was part of a fortification system and served as one of 2 entrances to town. Today, it is turned into a gallery and houses temporary exhibitions of various artists. Tourists can access the balcony and tower for a small fee (1 euro per adult) and enjoy the views of Trenčín’s main square from a different perspective.

City Tower (Mestská veža)

The “Mierové Námestie” Square – The hub of the city, this is where most events take place, where people meet, go for a stroll, listen to concerts, or enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many cafeterias. There, you will also find the Church of St. Francis Xavier built in the Baroque style and Plague Column from 1712.

Plague Column in Trencin
Church of St. Francis Xavier

Synagogue – Built at the beginning of the 20th Century, but badly damaged throughout the years it is now undergoing extensive renovation. When finished, it will serve as a cultural center promoting Jewish culture and heritage.

Trenčín Synagogue

The “Vodník Valentin” Fountain – Standing in the middle of the “Štúrovo námestie“ square, it attracts tourists and kids who like to cool off under the water in the heat of summer or simply hang around. Vodník is a Slavic mythological creature that lives underwater and in water wells.

The "Vodník Valentin" Fountain

Parish Church & town views – Built in the 14th Century on a hill right under the castle, it is the oldest church in Trenčín. Right next to it, you will find St. Michael’s Ossuary. It is also a popular place for taking photos as it offers stunning views of the town.

Trencin town views

The House of Town’s Executioner (Katov dom) – The building dates back to the 16th century and houses a small exposition of tools used by the hangman to torture prisoners as well as a few historic items. It is the only preserved building of its kind in Trenčín that has not changed its original look after renovations.

Useful information:

  • In 2023, between April and October, the entrance to the town’s executioner house and the ossuary is included in the castle ticket price. Make sure to ask at Trenčín castle to confirm!
  • The church on the “Mierové námestie” square is not open to visitors. It is usually accessible 1 hour before mass (i.e. at 6 pm on weekdays). Otherwise, you can see the inside of the church from a glass foyer once you enter through the main door.
  • Access to the City Tower’s balcony is via an elevator but to go up to the top of the tower, you need to climb stairs. The fee is around 1 euro (adult).
  • Visit Trencin – The official website of the city.
  • To see the inside of the Parish church, visit before or after mass (weekdays at 4 pm, Saturdays at 8:30 am, Sundays at 9 and 11 am).
Trenčín Castle seen from The Mierové Námestie Square

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